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What Volunteers Do

Click Here for links to information about volunteer tasks on Election Day: Poll Watcher, Election Protection Team & Electioneer

It has often been said that all politics is local. Certainly at the local level, particularly in counties as small as Smith County, the grassroots support provided by volunteers has made a big difference in many election outcomes. Projects often completed by volunteers may include:

· Registering Voters 
· Providing Volunteers
· Educating Citizens
· Raising Funds
· Making Signs
· Canvassing Precincts
· Poll Watching
· Driving Voters to Polls
· Answering Phones
· Election-Day Work
· Mobilizing Youth
· Calling Voters
· Distributing Literature
· Posting Signs
· Preparing Mailings
· Assisting Candidates

Some volunteers can help out a few hours a month, while others are able to devote a larger portion of their time, particularly in the busiest months between the March Primary and November Statewide Election in even-numbered years. No matter what your particular schedule or ability, there is probably something you can do to help!

To Learn More ... 
Click Here to see the "Grassroots Guide" of the Texas Democratic Party, which outlines the many ways volunteers participate in local politics.

Training By Video 
We now have training materials in-house which cover all aspects of political activism. Prepared by Democracy for America, they are here for you to use. Click Here to review the topics available. 
You may want to bring a few friends from your precinct to the office to watch a session or two, schedule a showing for a large group, or just cram your own head full of new ideas! We're here to assist you.

Also, please check for additional opportunities to obtain training by experts in political activism and campaigning HERE.

Please e -mail us at if you can help.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that one person's efforts can make a difference at the local, state, or national political level. But it is certainly possible! 
Click Here to read why YOU make a difference.